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Recycling America’s Metal Resources

It’s more than a company slogan at 3 Rivers Metal Recycling. It’s what we do to replenish the nation’s metal resources, day in, day out. After metal has outlived its usefulness, it comes to us. We sort it by type and grade. Then we shred it, shear it, torch it or bale it, while handling and processing the scrap according to rigorous environmental and safety standards. We put the scrap back on the market, selling products through brokers or selling directly to consumers, smelters, mills and mini-mills. From there the process starts all over again. We think recycled scrap is an important part of the process. Compared to virgin ore, it accounts for 86% less air pollution, 40% less water used, 76% less water pollution, 97% less mining waste, and 105% less consumer waste. Using recycled grade scrap also makes good business sense. It cuts costs, requiring less energy to process. And there’s no noticeable difference in the final product. Or the product after that. If we didn't do what we do, there would be more scrap going into landfills, and one less option for recycled metal goods. We take pride in our contribution.

3 Rivers Metal Recycling will help you turn that pile of metal laying around your house or business into cold hard cash. Simply bring it on in and we will weigh it and pay fair market value for it! We are all about making the world a better place!

Roll-Off Containers

3 Rivers Metal supplies our industrial and commercial customers with on-site roll-off containers. Once full, we pick up and empty at our facility.
3 Rivers Metal Recycling provides fast reliable metal recycling services for industrial, commercial or residential customers in Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding area.  Serving our customers from:

2901 Brooklyn Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
(260) 747-1516

Our services include:

     •   Roll off Containers ranging in size from 10 – 50 yards
     •   CASH for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal

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